Why Strawberries?   

I'm running this fanlisting thanks to Emily -the previous owner of this fanlisting- who chose me as the new owner, but as for my own reasons I'd say I've been a Strawberryholic pretty much throughout my whole life. When I was a kid I had my own Strawberry field on the backyard and ever since then I've been addicted to those delicious fruits.

My summer really starts only when I get to taste the first fresh Strawberries. At winter I shop my Strawberries from the Supermarket, or simply live with Strawberry milkshakes. Or Strawberry ice-cream. Or Strawberry flavoure sweets. I'm sure you got the point: I - LOVE - STRAWBERRIES, so what a better way to show my love than by having a fanlisting for them?

The Name   

The story of how I came up with the whole "Fruity Frutilla" name is long and boring so I'm not gonna get into details, instead I'll just let you know that I came up with the phrase years ago when I didn't even know what a fanlisting is. And now that I have the honour of owning this fanlisting, I wanted to use it because it reminds me of how much I've always loved Strawberries.

And what does the whole phrase mean anyway? I'm sure everybody understands where the "fruity" part comes from, and "frutilla" is simply a word in Spanish, meaning "little fruit" or "strawberry". The word has other meanings aswell but lets just stick with the ones that have something to do with the subject ;)